Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | Him & Her

Hello, everyone! It's a very chilly Monday here in Amherst and as I'm sipping my third coffee before noon, I'm putting together some great ideas for the beloved and dreaded Valentine's Day. I wanted to bring you some ideas that you can get for a partner, a friend and for yourself (self-love in gift form [...]


Christmas Party

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you're all either resting or ready to have a wonderful holiday break. I for one am back at Hollister for the time I'm at home, so be ready to see another upsurge of their pieces in my posts (what can I say, I shop while I work). I thought I'd [...]

Tights Alternative | London Part 2

Happy Monday, everyone! On a quick side note, it's snowing here right now and it's really exciting - starting to feel very christmassy. It makes me think the semester should be over, but alas, I still have two papers and a thesis to write. No big deal, right? Sure.Β Anyway, here's the second part to my [...]


Black Friday Haul | London Part 1

Happy Tuesday, everyone and welcome back from Thanksgiving break! I hope you all had a lovely rest and overate gloriously. I myself was in London for the week to visit my boyfriend so my Thanksgiving day meal included fish and chips from a pub along the English coast. Throughout the week I sawΒ Harry Potter and [...]


Summer Staples

Happy Monday! I know it's a bit late, but my flight from Bologna was delayed over an hour and I got back to Paris much later than expected. Hopefully that blog post will be up next week! Since I'll chat about all that fun next week, let's get right to it: this outfit. This look [...]


Cottontail Kicks

Happy Monday and officially happy Spring! This week I'm featuring my River Island pom pom sneakers. When I first saw Josefina's Portugal fur-topped sneakers, I knew I wanted something similar (but they were a little oAND THEN River Island posted these adorable, perfect for Easter weekend beauties and I tracked them down at Oxford Street [...]


Danish Layers

Happy Monday, loves! After my plane was delayed and had to be "de-iced" I finally made it Β back to my home in Paris. As you can see I was in Denmark this weekend! It was really an amazing opportunity, so a big thanks to my wonderfulΒ friend Catie for inviting me. I did this post a [...]