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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | Him & Her


Hello, everyone! It’s a very chilly Monday here in Amherst and as I’m sipping my third coffee before noon, I’m putting together some great ideas for the beloved and dreaded Valentine’s Day. I wanted to bring you some ideas that you can get for a partner, a friend and for yourself (self-love in gift form is always a good idea, am I right?).

The first thing I thought of was, of course, flowers. They are an absolute staple in modern Valentine’s Day culture and there are so many options you can really tailor them to your recipient. I posted the ethereal boxed roses from Venus et Fleur, even though they only deliver to the New York metro area. BUT, it gives some pretty cool inspiration. As Beyonce recently made a strong case for fake flowers, you can easily set up an arrangement like this on your own, if you’re feeling brave and crafty. That way you’ll create a meaningful decoration that your partner or friend can keep for a long time! Sweet, huh? If you’re the journaling type, this book from Barnes and Noble is a great option. It contains prompts and questions to document your lurrrrv journey and you can start filling it out or leave it entirely to your partner and give yourself a pat on the back for picking it up. Either way! A really great gift for all three categories is the Instax Mini 8 camera. I posted the pink one because, duh, Valentine’s day. The camera is a great way of saying, hey I want to document our time together in small, low-res photos. Kidding. The photos are way cuter than that and the camera is an aesthetic dream. Keeping with the pale pink theme, I also saw this adorable coin purse on Asos. It is a bit pricey, so it might be a more niche gift, but I thought to include it for those who want to “splash out” as my boyfriend would say. (Look at me learning British phrases!)

Moving on to the next half of gifts or so, I’ll stick with Asos for a second. I thought this watch was absolutely gorgeous and a great gift for rose gold lovers everywhere. I also thought the marble face was quite unique and contrasted the gold nicely. The next two gifts – the mug and the striped notebook –  are from Zazzle. Zazzle is great for lots of personalized things that are a really good price. I thought these would be great for friends or family you want to give a little love shoutout to next week. The mini-backpack is from Zara and I included it because I thought a bag is a really great gift idea. Side note: last Valentine’s Day I really wanted a wallet, so there you go, everyone’s different. I think this bag is really chic and the color is beautiful. Last but not least, I thought I’d bring us full-circle to another classic: perfume! Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is a classic and a really elegant pick for Valentine’s Day. The packaging is simply beautiful, making it as much a classy desk decoration as a wearable perfume. Can’t go wrong there.


Of course we can’t forget the gentlemen. I picked out a few things I could see myself purchasing either for a friend or for my boyfriend. I started with skin care and I know that sounds like a strange gift but getting a really nice set of skincare products isn’t really something you might buy for yourself, so I think it would make a really great gift. The one I posted here can be found at Target. The next gift was a funny one, but I really couldn’t pass up a set of socks with love pugs on them. The set of three is a great add-on or gift for a friend. While browsing Nordstrom, I stumbled upon this tie box and thought it was quite a cool gift for a man who likes to have all the right accessories when dressing up. I thought the set looked really sleek and it came with a bunch of different options. Again, I thought I’d add a watch because they really are nice gifts. This one from Asos came with a set of cufflinks, which I find really cute. The record player is a bit of a pricier gift, but it is a nice one. The vintage look of the trunk is very cool and a record player is a great gift for any music lover. Moving on to another classic, I decided to post the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon cologne. It is a more mature scent, but the heavier notes don’t last as long on the skin as the others so it works well as a light daytime scent. Another pick from Sephora’s mens department was Jack Black’s The Ultimate Shave. It looked like a really nice gift set for the man who likes the barber shop feeling every morning as well as clear and healthy skin. I thought this book Icon’s of Men’s Style was an interesting find for someone into fashion (as this is, after all, a blog for fashion). Either as a coffee table book or a semi-guidebook, it’s definitely a neat pick. The photos inside look fabulous and it contains some really great history and tips. Last but not least – chocolate! It is, of course, a Valentine’s Day must-have for anyone. I chose this box from Nordstrom because I thought it was a classy little number for any man this V-Day.

Well, that’s it for this week, everyone. I hope you enjoyed this post – I know there was a lot more writing than usual, let me know what you think in the comments! Have a great day, a lovely Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to subscribe for more updates. x

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Spring Cleaning in Amsterdam


Hello lovlies! It’s been awhile as I’ve been getting more into the spring swing of things – with spring comes finals and essays, so I’m sure you all understand! Anyway, this weekend I visited my lovely Catie in Amsterdam along with my equally lovely friend Maggie. Amsterdam is in a word awesome. It’s one of the coolest cities I’ve been to so far and I felt really lucky to get to stroll along the canals and sample cheese all weekend. The photos Catie took for this blog post were at the Keukenhof which is an enormous garden/park with over 7 million flowers! Of course it’s mostly tulips but there are also so many other beautiful plants and flowers. We got to stroll among the gardens, a petting zoo (baby goats are never not the cutest) and even climb an enormous windmill.

I pulled out this oldie-but-goodie Zara top for the occasion. I’ve had the shirt for, oh, three years, but it’s still one of my favorites and before I start filing in some new spring things I wanted to emphasize appreciating those pieces we love more than anything, especially as we shed our winter layers and start enjoying the sun. Pulling out favorite warm weather pieces is always a fun experience. If you want to know what I’ve got my eye on for spring you can check out my SS16 Pinterest Board, where I post anything and everything you could ever want for this spring, so get started there!

Another note for this week – make sure you guys are subscribing to my site, you don’t need an account, just an email! I don’t bother you too much I promise 😉 x Katie

Fall Faves // Back to UMass

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Welcome back, ladies and gentleman! Fall is here and with it back to school, back to work, but more importantly – back to fall fashion! Fashion weeks are gearing up all over the world and I cannot wait. I wanted to give a sample of the looks I’ll be going for this fall: two of my favorite things are high-necked tees (and sleeveless tops) and high-waisted jeans.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: I have also put together THREE Pinterest boards for you all, where I’ve curated and will continue to curate, all my favorite things for fall. They are organized into Under $25, Under $50, and Under $100 for ease of browsing and they won’t kill your college wallet.

Shop my look:

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