Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | Him & Her

Hello, everyone! It's a very chilly Monday here in Amherst and as I'm sipping my third coffee before noon, I'm putting together some great ideas for the beloved and dreaded Valentine's Day. I wanted to bring you some ideas that you can get for a partner, a friend and for yourself (self-love in gift form [...]


Spring Cleaning in Amsterdam

Hello lovlies! It's been awhile as I've been getting more into the spring swing of things - with spring comes finals and essays, so I'm sure you all understand! Anyway, this weekend I visited my lovely Catie in Amsterdam along with my equally lovely friend Maggie. Amsterdam is in a word awesome. It's one of [...]

Fall Faves // Back to UMass

Welcome back, ladies and gentleman! Fall is here and with it back to school, back to work, but more importantly - back to fall fashion! Fashion weeks are gearing up all over the world and I cannot wait. I wanted to give a sample of the looks I'll be going for this fall: two of [...]