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The Boiling Tourist


So today I’m here to talk a bit about how I’m dressing during the very hot weather. While today’s look doesn’t appear too jazzy, it has all the elements I need: cute details with little fabric. Now while I’m normally a girl for a sports bra and Soffee shorts combo when it’s over 90, I didn’t pack those. Working with what I did pack, however, brought me to this. I don’t currently have any high-waisted shorts because for some reason all the ones I’ve tried don’t leave anything to the imagination (including wedgie-removal — pass). So here I am in what I dubbed my “mom shorts.” Not like the mom jean style, but more like the fact that are a proper 4-inch hemline. They are also low-waisted, which I thought I would hate but I’m actually coming to like. I think they hit at a rather flattering part of the thigh, and being in the city and not on the beach, that’s a perk. I’ve also mostly been wearing t-shirts, so the low-waist hasn’t caused any unflattering muffin-top displays.

Something I have to be wary of in a city setting is footwear. I don’t like to opt for anything open-toed, as the thought of whatever is all over the city ground touching my feet makes me want to curl up in my boyfriend’s flat and not leave again. Therefore I’m wearing sneakers (trainers). My adidas don’t get too hot and they’re perfect if you’re like me and never tire of a city’s sights (or always need to hit 10,000 steps on your Fitbit). Even in 90 degree weather, I like to pop by places like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Getting awesome backgrounds for photos is just a bonus.

Another detail to this outfit is the bag. I’m usually lugging a ten pound tote around, especially when being a semi-tourist. How else can I carry a 1L water bottle, a map, my wallet, three lipsticks, and an umbrella JUST IN CASE? Well, I shelved those things (Alex carried the water) and got a little over-the-shoulder bag in my current favorite accent color: red. It has one main compartment that’s perfect for my oyster, bank cards, camera and other little things like lip balm or sunglasses. It doesn’t threaten the health of my back or whack anyone as I’m walking by.

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24 Hours in New York



Friends and fellow English majors Emma and Bailey

Today’s post is a little different because I wanted to dedicate it to my very quick trip to New York City. I was there for an English majors career roundtable with some UMass alum. We got to sit down with half a dozen UMass graduates and hear them talk about what they’ve done with their English degrees, and no, none of them were teachers. The event was extremely insightful and all participants were engaging and enthusiastic. Even though I had a mild I’m-just-a-kid crisis, it was good to see people doing real things in the big, bad world in the biggest and baddest city.

Because I was only there for effectively 24 hours, I dressed pretty minimalistic, opting for pieces I knew would all work well together. New York was pretty gray and rainy the entire time and I felt I flew somewhat under the radar in a black drawstring-sleeved crew neck and jeans. I hate looking like a tourist. In the two days we were there we walked about 25,000 steps, so my Adidas and my chelsea boots were must-haves. From having lunch outside the Flatiron, to wandering the Met, we — my two friends and I — managed to pack a ton into a short amount of time and I was grateful for chic walking shoes. We even got to visit By Chloe, a vegan restaurant I’d wanted to try. I was exhausted by the next day and I loved it. Before I knew it we were running to catch our bus and heading back to campus and to all the deadlines I’d been avoiding. x

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