Back in London

Day One


A few weeks back I made the mistake of looking at flights available to London and “accidentally” finding a really cheap one, I made a bit of an impulse buy and two weeks later jetted off to London. It was a quick trip but it was packed with lots of good sights, food and of course, Alex! The very first day I dragged Alex to Oxford Street to get new jeans (an informal tradition for me) and see all the Christmas decorations they put up. It even flurried for a bit and I have to admit, I joined in on the hoards trying to capture the moment (it didn’t work. Nor’easter would be preferrable).

Day Two through Four


After watching Estée Lalonde’s video about independent stationary stores, I had to visit Papersmiths in Shoreditch. The matchbox-sized shop was absolutely adorable and packed within seconds of our arrival. After picking out a calendar and fawning over the verrrry expensive fountain pens, we went upstairs in Boxpark and found a lovely collection of little food stalls. Of course, I had to pose next to the adorable Christmas tree. The Topshop jumper I’m wearing here was waiting for me in Alex’s apartment when I arrived (I had purchased it and had him pick it up in store) and I pretty much wore it the entire week. Not sorry. It’s the perfect length — cropped, but not too much — and a lovely color, perfect for contrasting all the denim I bring with me everywhere.

Day Five and Six


On the last night, Alex surprised me with a trip to an old favorite Zizzi’s by a really beautiful dock in South London. I of course had to get my staple, cheese pizza.

Day Seven

Twinning with toddler not intended.


Then, too soon for comfort, my last day arrived. Alex and I were determined to make the most of it and got up early to head down the South Bank (my favorite part of London) and pop into the Tate Modern, another tradition of ours. Alex’s favorite artist, Piet Mondrian, is featured there and it’s always nice to swing by it and say hello. Speaking of swinging, I would have gladly missed my flight for the enormous exhibit installed in the main hall. Giant, industrial, three person swings had been set up and it was like an adult-sized playground. We could have swung out there all day (no pun intended).

Like Oxford street, Borough Market was also decorated for Christmas, and my favorite flower shop had a lovely winter selection. I couldn’t pass it up. Annoying Alex with all my picture taking was a great way to spend our last hours until the next visit because it was absolutely, utterly normal for us. For us, the small things are really big because we don’t see each other all that often. Cooking dinner, going on walks, even doing the dishes matters to us. Until the next trip, I’ve got a lovely album of memories while I get back to work and fall into all the other pre-Christmas craziness. Until next time. X


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