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Stars and Snow


I decided this week to face the ever-present conundrum of New England winters. It’s the time of year where we pile on the most layers, and end up covering any sartorial success with numerous fleece jackets, hats, scarves and leggings, waddling down the sidewalk like a lost penguin. We are then faced with the question: do I even bother trying to do anything with fashion if it means sacrificing fingers and toes to frostbite? Well, with this look I ran straight into the cold of the Boston harbor and managed to stay warm. My main player was this H&M faux fur jacket. It’s a bit heavier than other coats I have but it makes up for it in warmth and style. I then accented my gray jeans with other gray pieces to tie it together, ending of course, with my star print boots. Where others dull in the winter, I strive to go just a bit shinier (and you should, too). The trick is to have a coat that is both functional and stylish. While knee-length puffer coats are warm, they tend to have the penguin effect. Conversely, biker jackets are always chic, but tend to offer nothing in terms of warmth. We must therefore strive to find our puffer-biker and walk confidently through snow, sleet and wind, knowing we look great and will arrive at our destination with all limbs intact.


H&M jacket | Topshop jeans | Boohoo boots

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Photography by Alex Ribbits



Hello, Amherst!

I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, and I finally got it started! This is my blog to chronicle all my fashion at college. Fall is by far my favorite season so get ready to see lots of this seasons biggest trends, hopefully I’ll inspire you! .x K

Here's a picture of me!

Here’s a picture of me!