In Bloom

Welcome to Fake Monday, everyone. Even though today is Tuesday, UMass decided it's a Monday: I have Monday classes and a Monday work schedule. To really hammer the idea home, my blog post is coming to you all today as well. Even though I really appreciated sitting in the eighty degree sun while sipping my [...]


Denim On Duty

Happy Monday, everyone! Even though it's quite dark and gray out (where's the good spring weather??) I decided to bring you all some florals. This embroidered denim jacket, or any denim jacket, is the perfect transition piece for spring. It packs a punch with a retro-vibe and a casual feel. The one I have here [...]

Late for My 9am

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone! I hope you're all on time today 😉 The theme of today's post is, well, being late. You know those morning where nothing goes right and you didn't get enough sleep and you're drinking bad coffee by the gallon just to stay alive? Yeah, we've all had them and [...]

Velvet Crush

Happy Monday, everyone! Now that UMass has put their Mondays back where they belong, we can all go back to normal, which means: here I am bringing you all this gorgeous fall outfit. Despite the fact that it'll reach 80 degrees by tomorrow, we must not let go of our pumpkin spice lattes and infinity [...]

Put a Blazer On It

Happy Monday, everyone! It's the last Monday of August and I can't believe how the summer has flown by. This time next week I'll be back at school. This Last Week of Summer outfit was a fun one because it featured a lot of important pieces for fall as well as a classic staple piece: [...]

Piano Key Stripes

Happy Thursday, everyone. I hope you're all doing well and more importantly - building up that Back to School or Back to Fall closet! You all know I am. Continuing on my non-denim bottoms trend (believe me, they'll be back soon), I put together a more seasonal transition-appropriate outfit. I really love these cropped trousers [...]

Hazy Days

Happy August, everyone! I hope you're all feeling relaxed as we head into this last month of summer. I certainly am. After returning from Europe, I spent a lot of time with family and getting back to working at Hollister. I'm very excited to be heading into my senior year at UMass this fall! I'm [...]