Review of “The Assassin’s Blade” by Sara J. Maas


It was fun linking up all the little details that I knew from the ToG series with the stories in this collection. The last one was obviously the hardest to read, knowing how it ended. I admit I didn’t know anything about the Silent Assassins and I had a really strong inkling that I’d heard of/seen Ansel before and now I really want to go back and read them all. The twisted, insidious relationship between Celaena and Arobynn was really well done because it really showcased a good example of how toxic relationships are a lot more difficult to break off than those not in them might think.

I liked that even though they read like one continuous story, they were still novellas. The way details weren’t exactly repeated but reintroduced gave me a strong sense that you could read any one of them and still have a full story. That’s really all I have to say on the topic of the writing itself. It was really well done.

Celaena in her assassin prime is really fun to follow, if heartbreaking at every turn. I really enjoyed seeing that part of her and getting to know Sam if only for a little while (*cries*).


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