Earn Your Stripes

Happy last Monday, everyone! This is in fact my last Monday as an undergraduate here at UMass. In less than two weeks I'll have graduated and be out on my own with nothing but an English degree, a young adult novel that isn't stapled and a record of my best outfits. Well, not really. I'm [...]


March Beauty Favorites

Hey everyone! I know I mentioned that I started making Youtube videos, but I wanted to post one here so you all could see it, if you haven't! Let me know what you think and feel free to subscribe! x

Millennial Pink

I have to admit I didn't realize my love for pink (that developed over the last year) was linked to my being a millennial. Not until a barrageΒ of editorial articles written by people of the previous generation did I realize they were noticing and questioning it. To be honest, yeah I do love wearing this [...]


Denim On Duty

Happy Monday, everyone! Even though it's quite dark and gray out (where's the good spring weather??) I decided to bring you all some florals. This embroidered denim jacket, or any denim jacket, is the perfect transition piece for spring. It packs a punch with a retro-vibe and a casual feel. The one I have here [...]


Pop of Color | What have I been up to?

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed waking up after staying up until midnight to see La La Land win everything (except best picture). I've been working on another project these last two weeks, but I'm glad to be back and posting for you all. After the insane spring weather we've been having, I'm [...]


New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! Welcome to the first blog post of 2017! *cheers* I'm really excited for what's to come on the blog this year and for you to see it all. I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and are already back on the grind that the new year inevitably brings to [...]


Black Friday Haul | London Part 1

Happy Tuesday, everyone and welcome back from Thanksgiving break! I hope you all had a lovely rest and overate gloriously. I myself was in London for the week to visit my boyfriend so my Thanksgiving day meal included fish and chips from a pub along the English coast. Throughout the week I sawΒ Harry Potter and [...]