The Last Few Weeks

The Last Few Weeks

Even though it's about a million degrees out today, (actually it's 70, but for February that's a million) we do still have some cold weather left to trudge through. It's a very weird in-between time for all of us regular people. It's still cold out but all the shops have started featuring bikinis and sun [...]


In Bloom

Welcome to Fake Monday, everyone. Even though today is Tuesday, UMass decided it's a Monday: I have Monday classes and a Monday work schedule. To really hammer the idea home, my blog post is coming to you all today as well. Even though I really appreciated sitting in the eighty degree sun while sipping my [...]

Spring Fish

Happy Monday! It's finally a morning where it's feeling like spring. This oversized striped shirt is the perfect pick for an airy spring day. The colors are light and bright and fit right in with the weather. They are contrasted really well with the black overalls, making the colors all the more vibrant. I like [...]

Spring Transition

Happy Monday - and Happy March! Here is the second part of my work with French75Photography! Even though the official start of spring is still a few weeks off, it's never too early to start thinking about that warmer weather. This floral dress has been taunting me for awhile now as I've been waiting to [...]