Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you all had great weekends and are still alive for the actual day of Halloween. I had a lot ton of fun this weekend, mostly due to my friends and my awesome purple faux fur coat. The first night, if you didn't know, I was Chanel from Fox's Scream Queens. The [...]


The Autumn Sailor

Happy Monday, everyone! It's very gray out today, so why not add some bright red? Especially since everyone on campus will be particularly bleary-eyed after our Homecoming Weekend festivities, I thought I'd walking around looking like a police siren. I myself barely made it past 8p.m. on Saturday and went to bed completely exhausted. This [...]

Sheer Greatness

Hello, everyone! I don't know about any of you, but I've had a crazy amount of work to do, from tons of reading, to a French exam, to finalizing my application to go abroad! Anyway, I've been really excited about getting this top from H&M's AW Studio Collection. Besides being a turtleneck, which I love, [...]

Wrapped Up

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, I was at a beautiful wedding, my friend Heather got married, and can I say her dress was AMAZING (check out my Instagram for pics!). It was a little chilly this morning, which I was excited about because this blanket-cum-scarf is one of my favorite [...]

Heat Wave 

        Hi everyone! I've flown back home right into a heat wave so I wanted to give you a quick look at how I'm dealing with ninety degree weather. This festival shirt is really light and makes me feel like I'm at Coachella.  Hollister shirt Zara shorts (similar) 

Bum a Cig (Smoke Free)

Hello, everyone! I've only got two weeks left here in England and it's been absolutely amazing. I've wanted to show you all these jeans since I bought them at Zara because I am obsessed! They're a fit called 'cigarette' and in case you haven't heard of them, it's often the fit for trousers and women's [...]

Blenheim Blues

Hi everyone! Sorry for the big delay, the internet here is so finicky! But, here I am, as I promised. I've been in love with this dress forever, Pixie Market always has so many stunners. The sleeveless aspect is great for warm weather and the length is really really flattering. Ladies - don't be afraid [...]