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East Side Fairytale


I am fairly certain I had dreams about this skirt. After my boyfriend pointed it out to me in And Other Stories’ Regent Street store I went through every emotion from dismissal to infatuation. Regardless of what I was feeling at a certain moment, it was clear I was pretty obsessed. Anything that originates in a Parisian atelier is going to slip into my brain and settle in. I know, quelle surprise. Needless to say, I deliberated for weeks and weeks, finally adding it to my cart when I was back in Massachusetts. I really adore it even though I’m generally very wary of skirts. In theory I think they are a classic, but whenever I find myself wearing them I’m constantly tugging them down in fear of flashing the general public. BUT as you can see, this baby falls nearly to my ankles. It would have to be a very strong Monroe-like updraft to cause any damage. Of course I didn’t want to look too much like a milkmaid so I paired the skirt with a tee courtesy of my dad’s hometown pizza place. Finally, I like to wear heals with longer pieces like this because I think it gives me excellent length and we all know that I generously claim to be 5’7. Somedays I like that to be true. Adieu.

And Other Stories skirt | East Side Café tee | Shop Ruche heals

Photos by J


The Case for Quality


I think this dress is one of the best things I’ve purchased in a long time. Even though it was more expensive than I usually go for on an average day, I’m really glad I went for it. It’s very quickly become my favorite piece for summer, and given that it’s in navy, it can work for other seasons too. Excellent. It’s from a store I recently discovered called & Other Stories. They have a few stores in the US, but mostly in big cities. I got lucky that they have three in London. The store is beautiful and sings to the tune of a minimalistic dream. Designed in Paris, you know the clothing is going to be right for me.

Sometimes making a bigger purchase is good for the soul. When you know you’re getting something whose quality will be as much a part of the piece as the actual design itself, you feel even better in it. Now this isn’t couture, but it is a step up from the usual high street stores that I frequent. I have one dress that works for multiple occasions day and night, and what’s more, I want to wear it for all those occasions. I’m excited to wear and rewear it. In this day and age of needing more and more because of our media-sharing tendencies (of which I’m guilty, I know), we tend to forget what it’s like to purchase something that we actually plan on wearing a lot. It’s okay to repeat something if you know you can wear it many ways. Now, I know you may be thinking, it’s a dress, you wear it one way, but that’s not true. Here, I’m wearing this dress with Adidas sneakers, perfect for going around my day-to-day business in London, but I can easily change into white mules for a daytime party, or court heels for the evening. The height of the heel can change the dress in a subtle yet effective way.


& Other Stories dress