Millennial Pink

I have to admit I didn't realize my love for pink (that developed over the last year) was linked to my being a millennial. Not until a barrage of editorial articles written by people of the previous generation did I realize they were noticing and questioning it. To be honest, yeah I do love wearing this [...]


Danish Layers

Happy Monday, loves! After my plane was delayed and had to be "de-iced" I finally made it  back to my home in Paris. As you can see I was in Denmark this weekend! It was really an amazing opportunity, so a big thanks to my wonderful friend Catie for inviting me. I did this post a [...]

Polar Bear Wear

Hi, everyone! So I spent this weekend in London, which was lovely. I revisited the British Museum with my boyfriend Alex and got to see much more of it than the first time I went over the summer. There was a little suggested route in the map that I got and it was well worth [...]

Final Week in Oxford

Hello everyone! This is my last weekend in Oxford - I know, it's very sad. And as much as I hate to leave, I really do want to get back to everything American. As I'm packing, I'm tending towards simpler outfits. This jumpsuit is perfect and it's all-in-one! The button-up detail and cuffs make it look [...]