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Millennial Pink


I have to admit I didn’t realize my love for pink (that developed over the last year) was linked to my being a millennial. Not until a barrage of editorial articles written by people of the previous generation did I realize they were noticing and questioning it. To be honest, yeah I do love wearing this color. I’ve been wearing this sweater in particular non-stop since picking it up in the Oxford Circus Topshop and will probably continue to wear it until the mornings and evenings stop being so darn cold.

As a group, we millennials are a pretty anxious bunch. In fact, we’re the most anxious of them all. For some odd reason I find the Millennial pink palette rather calming, and perhaps others of my set do as well. Maybe that’s why we’ve all attached ourselves to it: we’re all just trying to radiate some bits of calm in the form of pink clothing. Works for me, anyway.


Topshop sweater (similar) | Forever21 skirt

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Photography by J


Danish Layers


Happy Monday, loves! After my plane was delayed and had to be “de-iced” I finally made it  back to my home in Paris. As you can see I was in Denmark this weekend! It was really an amazing opportunity, so a big thanks to my wonderful friend Catie for inviting me. I did this post a little differently this week, because I realized there was so much more I wanted to share with everyone. I also went to two different locations in Denmark and wanted to place the shoot in both – so there you go! I stayed in Copenhagen but visited Hamlet’s Castle Kronborg in Elsinore (Helsingør), which was right on the Kattegat (Cat Gut) Strait, between both the North and Baltic Seas – we could even see Sweden across the water. It was so beautiful I couldn’t pass it up. The second location is in the very heart of Copenhagen, and it’s a pretty famous spot too. It’s called Nyhavn or New Harbor.

SO, to fashion! As I was going to be in Denmark and as I knew Scandinavian countries tend to be pretty chilly there was only one thing for it: LAYERS. Although we got lucky and the day we shot this was absolutely beautiful (sunny and 40’s), it was still a good idea to dress smart. To do this I paired a gray turtleneck with a fisherman knit oversized sweater. I wanted to clean it up a bit so I wore cropped black suit trousers. I really love this look and it works on any chilly day. The oversized sweater especially has been a godsend while in Paris.

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Boohoo Sweater Hollister Turtleneck H&M Trousers

All photography done by Catherine Raissipour.

Polar Bear Wear


Hi, everyone! So I spent this weekend in London, which was lovely. I revisited the British Museum with my boyfriend Alex and got to see much more of it than the first time I went over the summer. There was a little suggested route in the map that I got and it was well worth following! It was almost done like a scavenger hunt, which made it a lot of fun trying to find everything. If you guys follow my Snapchat (@kiggins800) or Instagram you can see even more posts about my adventures.

Anyway, as it is in Paris most of the time, it was pretty chilly and rained on and off in London (although not as much as it usually does) so I opted for my white faux fur coat, which I usually only wear on long plane rides (as it’s really soft and basically a blanket), but it was also really efficient in keeping the wind away. The texture in the coat adds more to the overall outfit as well, stepping up a staple black-and-white look. I also couldn’t wait to show off my new high-waisted black skinnies that I managed to find during Paris’ amazing Soldes, which are their huge sales that happen twice a year and completely worth checking out.


Forever 21 Coat Bershka Jeans

Photos by Alexander Ribbits

It’s Too Damn Hot

DSC_0005 DSC_0008 DSC_0010 DSC_0023 DSC_0029 DSC_0030

If you’ve survived the heat in order to read this – I applaud you. If you’re reading this from a place that isn’t 94 degrees Fahrenheit – I envy you! I’ve been walking around campus feeling like I will combust at any second, it’s been so hot. As I’m writing this it’s thundering and raining so hopefully it will cool down! I wore this awesome H&M skirt today to look chic while not dying of heat stroke.

On another note, I hope everyone’s first few days have gone well. You’ll be proud to know that I went to the right room for ALL SIX of my classes (yes, in my first four semesters I goofed up multiple times). Hope you’re all winning the battle against the endless heat wave!


H&M Skirt Hollister Tank

Final Week in Oxford

DSC_0843 DSC_0839 DSC_0846 DSC_0847 DSC_0857DSC_0890DSC_0859DSC_0943

Hello everyone!

This is my last weekend in Oxford – I know, it’s very sad. And as much as I hate to leave, I really do want to get back to everything American. As I’m packing, I’m tending towards simpler outfits. This jumpsuit is perfect and it’s all-in-one! The button-up detail and cuffs make it look a little more put-together without looking like you’re wearing a pantsuit.

H&M Jumpsuit (similar) Ray-Ban Sunglasses