East Side Fairytale

East Side Fairytale

I am fairly certain I had dreams about this skirt. After my boyfriend pointed it out to me in And Other Stories' Regent Street store I went through every emotion from dismissal to infatuation. Regardless of what I was feeling at a certain moment, it was clear I was pretty obsessed. Anything that originates in [...]


Christmas Party

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you're all either resting or ready to have a wonderful holiday break. I for one am back at Hollister for the time I'm at home, so be ready to see another upsurge of their pieces in my posts (what can I say, I shop while I work). I thought I'd [...]

Velvet Crush

Happy Monday, everyone! Now that UMass has put their Mondays back where they belong, we can all go back to normal, which means: here I am bringing you all this gorgeous fall outfit. Despite the fact that it'll reach 80 degrees by tomorrow, we must not let go of our pumpkin spice lattes and infinity [...]

The Autumn Sailor

Happy Monday, everyone! It's very gray out today, so why not add some bright red? Especially since everyone on campus will be particularly bleary-eyed after our Homecoming Weekend festivities, I thought I'd walking around looking like a police siren. I myself barely made it past 8p.m. on Saturday and went to bed completely exhausted. This [...]

Go With the Flow

I hope everyone is enjoying this very brisk Monday morning. I myself am coming out of a very harsh cold that took up most of my time and energy this weekend. I could barely stay awake on Saturday and I was in a lot of pain. Fortunately, nothing lifts the spirits like true fall weather [...]