March Beauty Favorites

Hey everyone! I know I mentioned that I started making Youtube videos, but I wanted to post one here so you all could see it, if you haven't! Let me know what you think and feel free to subscribe! x


White and Camel

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope all your weekends were great, I stayed in and got a lot of work done because I'm going to LONDON next week. Anyway, as you can tell it's gorgeous out today, which worked out well for this look! Despite being mid-November you can still find a way to head out [...]

Knitted Flares

Happy November, everyone! I hope you all survived October, it was so insanely busy for me that I barely had time for anything. But now it's died down a bit and I can focus back on posting for you guys. I've been dying to show you all these pants since I bought them LAST winter, [...]

Wrapped Up

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, I was at a beautiful wedding, my friend Heather got married, and can I say her dress was AMAZING (check out my Instagram for pics!). It was a little chilly this morning, which I was excited about because this blanket-cum-scarf is one of my favorite [...]

Layers and Layers

Hello, everyone! I hope the first full week at UMass has gone well, and that everyone else out there hopefully has better fall weather than us! It's still really hot during the day but I'm powering through to show you guys some awesome fall stuff. I'll be saying this all fall but your number one [...]