The Case for Quality

The Case for Quality

I think this dress is one of the best things I've purchased in a long time. Even though it was more expensive than I usually go for on an average day, I'm really glad I went for it. It's very quickly become my favorite piece for summer, and given that it's in navy, it can [...]


The Boiling Tourist

So today I'm here to talk a bit about how I'm dressing during the very hot weather. While today's look doesn't appear too jazzy, it has all the elements I need: cute details with little fabric. Now while I'm normally a girl for a sports bra and Soffee shorts combo when it's over 90, I [...]

Denim On Duty

Happy Monday, everyone! Even though it's quite dark and gray out (where's the good spring weather??) I decided to bring you all some florals. This embroidered denim jacket, or any denim jacket, is the perfect transition piece for spring. It packs a punch with a retro-vibe and a casual feel. The one I have here [...]

Go With the Flow

I hope everyone is enjoying this very brisk Monday morning. I myself am coming out of a very harsh cold that took up most of my time and energy this weekend. I could barely stay awake on Saturday and I was in a lot of pain. Fortunately, nothing lifts the spirits like true fall weather [...]