Earn Your Stripes


Happy last Monday, everyone! This is in fact my last Monday as an undergraduate here at UMass. In less than two weeks I’ll have graduated and be out on my own with nothing but an English degree, a young adult novel that isn’t stapled and a record of my best outfits. Well, not really. I’m moving back home for a bit to work and write, but you see my point. This week I’m bringing you what I’m dubbing Senior Chic. This outfit is super comfortable and look! it even comes with a sweatshirt. Basically, it’s perfect for everyone like me, who is pretty much all set with school for now, but doesn’t want everyone to know that. I love a good pair of tailored-looking trousers and these ones are light enough to work for these flip-flopping chilly-to-warm days. These Steve Madden beauties are a college student’s version of the Gucci loafers every blogging foot has been in since last fall. I think they’re a great affordable alternative and I’m surprised at just how good they turned out. (Note that they run a little small.) They fall into the same category that the basic loafers I wore a few weeks ago do: close-toed summer shoes. And as I embark on my last two days of class, all I can think about is all the plans I have for this blog coming up — stay tuned! x


Uniqlo sweatshirt (similar) | Zara trousers (similar) | Steve Madden loafers

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