In Bloom


Welcome to Fake Monday, everyone. Even though today is Tuesday, UMass decided it’s a Monday: I have Monday classes and a Monday work schedule. To really hammer the idea home, my blog post is coming to you all today as well. Even though I really appreciated sitting in the eighty degree sun while sipping my mimosa on Sunday, I do still like the middle of the range weather we have today. It’s more spring. As long as the snow is gone for the year and I won’t get simultaneously blown away and frozen to death when walking by the library, I can wait for the very hot weather. Plus, I always enjoy a good layering piece: today it’s my new silk bomber. It’s light and cropped and the puffy sleeves give it dimension.  I didn’t know what I wanted to pair it with so I popped into Primark recently in search of a striped jumpsuit. Now, usually when I go into a store with a specific item in mind, it usually doesn’t materialize and I leave disappointed and wondering if I should have been a designer, or at least learnt to sew my own clothes. But not this time! This navy and white beauty was there for me and happened to fit perfectly.

It brings me to another point I wanted to touch on: the importance of mixing high street and designer pieces. This jumpsuit from Primark was $14, but my shoes are Michael Kors and ran around $200. While I don’t remembered exactly what I paid for them, I can tell you it was more than $14. I’ve had this jumpsuit for a few days and I’ve had these shoes for four years. They balance each other out perfectly. I firmly believe that this jumpsuit absolutely does not look cheap when paired correctly. Splurging every now and then on more expensive pieces that are versatile will help spruce up a wardrobe, and instead of making everything else pale in comparison, heightens the look of other pieces. Evidence above.

Fashion moves at an incredible pace these days and the availability of high street tempts us to want everything now, now, now. But taking the time, and money, to purchase higher quality pieces — even if it’s once a year or less — will help you create a more lasting wardrobe and crafted style.


Primark jumpsuit | H&M bomber (similar) | Michael Kors shoes

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