Millennial Pink


I have to admit I didn’t realize my love for pink (that developed over the last year) was linked to my being a millennial. Not until a barrage of editorial articles written by people of the previous generation did I realize they were noticing and questioning it. To be honest, yeah I do love wearing this color. I’ve been wearing this sweater in particular non-stop since picking it up in the Oxford Circus Topshop and will probably continue to wear it until the mornings and evenings stop being so darn cold.

As a group, we millennials are a pretty anxious bunch. In fact, we’re the most anxious of them all. For some odd reason I find the Millennial pink palette rather calming, and perhaps others of my set do as well. Maybe that’s why we’ve all attached ourselves to it: we’re all just trying to radiate some bits of calm in the form of pink clothing. Works for me, anyway.


Topshop sweater (similar) | Forever21 skirt

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