Denim On Duty


Happy Monday, everyone! Even though it’s quite dark and gray out (where’s the good spring weather??) I decided to bring you all some florals. This embroidered denim jacket, or any denim jacket, is the perfect transition piece for spring. It packs a punch with a retro-vibe and a casual feel. The one I have here is faux-sherpa lined, which is really helping me out as we don’t seem to be capable of letting go of winter yet (it snowed three days ago). The funny thing about a denim jacket too is that, if you’re like me, it’ll force you to wear something besides blue jeans for your bottoms. I did cheat a little, and still opted for double-denim, but my jeans here are gray (shh, don’t tell).


Topshop jacket (similar) | Topshop jeans | Zara t-shirt (similar)

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