Skinny Overalls and Statement Sleeves


Happy Monday, everyone. I hope the beginning of November has been good for everyone! I for one took advantage of the post-midterm lull to get ahead on some work, since I fly to London in less than two weeks! I know, I can’t believe how fast the last five months has gone and that I haven’t been in London since June. I can’t wait to be back there for a number of reasons, and one of them might be the shopping – there may be a Topshop haul in our future.

Oddly enough, today’s outfit features a British shopping site that I really love. Boohoo is always a guarantee for really low prices and surprisingly good quality, I’ve never had a bad purchase from them. The overalls and boots I’m wearing today are theirs and I was shocked at how comfortable these ankle boots are. Considering how much I walk in a day, these boots never faltered once. I paired these skinny overalls with an oversized sweater with really cool bucket sleeves. I’m all for any statement sleeves right now and this Zara number is a perfect twist on a casual piece.


Boohoo overalls | Zara sweatshirt | Boohoo boots

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Photography by Bailey Soderberg


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