Layers and Layers

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Hello, everyone! I hope the first full week at UMass has gone well, and that everyone else out there hopefully has better fall weather than us! It’s still really hot during the day but I’m powering through to show you guys some awesome fall stuff. I’ll be saying this all fall but your number one buy this season should be BASICS! Don’t fear the word basic, it can be a really good thing! Traditionally, your wardrobe should be about 80% basics and classic pieces and 20% of things like that sequined mini you bought on a whim and have yet to wear (for a full list of must-have pieces Who What Wear has a great list here). Today, all I’ve got are black leggings and a long-sleeved tee, but with this super-soft cardigan it goes from laid-back to casually chic. Easy!


HM Cardigan and Tee Topshop Leggings (Similar)


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